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Upcoming BodyTalk™  Events

FREE Public Talk


Thursday 3rd November 2020

7-8 pm

Location: TBC


Tuesday 8th November 2020

4-5 pm

Location: TBC

MindScape Training

Date: Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th November 2022

Venue:  Nairobi

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Date: Wednesday 9th – Thursday 10th November 2022

Venue:  Timau

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US$ 620

Early bird

(ends 1 Oct 22)

US$ 595


US$ 310

IBA monitor

US$ 155


Description: Today, a MindScape Workshop is the easiest and most effective way you can acquire the ability and tap into your most powerful tool to enhance your life, business sports training, studying and so much more.  



Nairobi workshop: Minal Shah  

Timau workshop: Marie-Jose Dolleman 

Further information: www.dnaexpress.co.za

• Improves relationships, memory and learning ability
• Heightens the powers of intuition
• Develops mental abilities to their fullest
• Enhances creativity and imagination
• Promotes relaxation and reduces stress & conflict
• Advances personal development

BodyTalk Access

Coming Soon!

Description: BodyTalk Access for Family & Self HealthCare is a powerful class that can offer so many practical benefits for you and your loved ones.

Learn 5 techniques that you can do in 10 minutes each day to help with

  • General Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • Hydration
  • Improving Your Posture
  • Improving  Your Immune System
  • Increasing Your Resilience
  • Increasing Your Brain Function

Learn for one day, Use for a Lifetime

It’s easy, safe and non-invasive

Contact Minal Shah

5 techniques to Activate and Strengthen your own Healing Power.

Create more Focus & Balance, De-stress Body and Mind. Re-hydrated every cell
in your body. Strengthen your immune system. Reduces aches & pains. Relieve
of Allergic reactions

Fast Aid for Minor and Major injuries

This class is for you!

BodyTalk Access is the layperson’s BodyTalk class to address 60% of day to day health concerns. Fewer illnesses & faster recovery times, less doctors’ visits and medications and a healthier you…naturally

In November 2017 we trained 65 students the Access techniques. In Nanyuki we organized an Access workshop for Community Health Workers. This was partly funded by IBF (International BodyTalk Foundation).

BodyTalk Fundamentals (1&2)

Coming Soon!

Description: Spend 4 days learning the Fundamentals of the BodyTalk System and learn how to help yourself and others to shift and heal.

BodyTalk Fundamentals provides a comprehensive introduction into the BodyTalk System and presents many powerful treatment techniques that address a wide variety of diseases, both physical and psychological. This course consists of theoretical and practical aspects and upon completion participants will have learned enough to start using the modality immediately. BodyTalk Fundamentals (Module 1 and 2) is combined in a four-day intensive course and is suitable for both health care professionals, as well as lay people, who choose to use the System on a non-professional level. It can be used for your own personal growth and for helping your family and friends. This course will be taught by Morag Bromfield from S.A., who has been instructing internationally for over 10 years. She has a gift in explaining the most complex concepts ensuring that everyone enjoys the opportunity of
learning this amazing healthcare system.

Advanced Training

Coming soon!

Description: Coming Soon

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