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BodyTalk has taken me through healing myself physically and emotionally in many ways. So much so that I attended the Access training in 2017. I always feel very welcomed in the wonderful healing space that Mariejose has created in her practice and she puts the same time, effort and positive energy into these events. I highly recommend that everyone learn the science and healing of BodyTalk.

On several occasions, I have had distant sessions and every time with great success. The accuracy of the very detailed report that follows a treatment surprised me at first and amazingly I started to notice the changes almost immediately. BodyTalk works “wireless” and Mariejose know how, and she is great at it!


I just want to say how happy I have been since I saw you months ago! I feel so much better, and it has been consistent since our last session. I can’t thank you enough. I have lived for almost 4 – 5 years with these very irritating symptoms in my neck and head, with little to no progress from traditional medicine. This is the best I have felt in years. The quality of my life and my ability to undertake activities has truly improved substantially. I just want you to know you made a huge impact on my life.


My son suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and I often linked it to a runny crampy tummy. He is a very sensitive child and very hard on himself. I gave BodyTalk a try as I had heard great things about the practice. He had 3 sessions and I can’t believe the change in him. He is a lot less anxious and he hasn’t had tummy issues for months now.

When he feels a rise in anxiety he does his tapping and feels a lot better. He now taps before going into his exams which helps him keep calm and focused. In a rugby match last term he hyperventilated on the field and was brought off to recover. He sat on the side and did his cortices tapping and recovered very quickly, went back onto the field and scored a try. Even though he is only 10 he has learned to incorporate the cortices tapping into his everyday life. Body Talk will continue to improve my son’s ability to cope with stresses that life will throw at him.


Since the age of about 40, I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks on and off for the past 4 years. I tried counseling for a year which helped to a degree but the panic attacks came back. My son has had great results with Body Talk and so I decided I would give it a go. I am blown away at how it has helped me and released so much buried emotional baggage that I had been carrying for years.

I have stopped all my anti-anxiety drugs and haven’t had a panic attack in months. On occasion when I feel a bit anxious I do my cortices tapping and it seems to calm me immediately. I am a reflexologist and beauty therapist by trade and very interested in alternative healing. Body Talk is a wonderful way of aiding in the body healing itself. I am going to now do the Body Talk Fundamentals course and hope to become a practitioner. Body Talk has changed my sons and my life for the better and I would like to help others through Body Talk in the future.

For many years I was not very healthy. I had a very busy life. And my mind was always busy planning and busy organizing things. My mind and body were never relaxed! I felt very stressed running around to do all I had to do! And I was hyperventilating. Even ended up in the hospital because of that.  My immune system had difficulty clearing the flu and colds. I would cough for weeks on end. On top of that, I suffered from bad migraines.

I had a lot of food intolerances and some food allergies which would trigger my migraines. I had regular cystitis. I became antibiotic resistant. Ended up in the hospital with blood septicemia. Often I felt depressed. Difficulty in enjoying life! I tried several holistic approaches to my problems: Reiki, Breathing (Art of Living), Bach therapy, Diet, Yoga. Hormones were tested because of possible menopausal effects. Then I came into contact with BodyTalk. The most obvious effect was that I became calmer. My head and body became more relaxed.

Life became easier to live. I have not felt depressed for years now. The migraines have gone completely. If I do get a cold or flu, it’s better within a few days. Cystitis has not come back in the same way. If I feel there is some sensitivity, I tap, and things  release. BodyTalk has given me Vitality and an enjoyment in life, which I did not feel for many years.

I am so very grateful for that!


Immediate and wonderful effect of BodyTalk Cortices for Jamie (10 yrs old) This morning he had an accident with the tip of his finger.

The emergency department at the hospital was amazed at how calm he was, and also how fast he was healing. He is not in any pain. I did Cortices/Fast Aid all the way from home to the hospital and at the hospital waiting for the X- rays and the suture stitches.  I talked with paramedics, the doctor and the nurse and talked to them about Cortices. The nurses said they would use it right away if they were taught this amazing technique. 

Update a few days later – The wound has healed so fast that the stitches can come out a week earlier. My son who was in shock when the accident happened, is so relaxed and happy about this fast healing experience!


You can do great things with Cortices. When my dear Mum had to go into hospital with breathing difficulties and was found to have oxygen levels a bit on the low side, I met her in casualty. The nurse said they might have to keep her in. I had taught Mum Cortices a while back and we had done it many times. So I asked her if she would like me to do Cortices on her to help her with her breathing.  She was in favour! So by the time the doctor came, her oxygen level had risen way above the safely level. He said “How did this happen?” So I explained. The doctor agreed there was no reason to keep her in hospital and everybody was happy, particularly my Mum! 

MM ( age 75)

I have had several BodyTalk sessions over the years. The most memorable one was one of the first sessions. I had a very strong reaction.

I have always been hypersensitive to all sensory information, and suffered from migraines, had blood pressure issues, frequent bladder infections and lower back issues. And I experienced tinnitus.

The tinnitus disappeared completely early on. Migraines have decreased a lot. Blood pressure is back to normal. I am much more relaxed and feel stronger and healthier in general.

S, (age 45) had a horse accident 2 months before she came to see me. She had suffered from a heavy concussion and was wearing a neck brace when she came to see me. She had seen a physiotherapist but was too scared to be treated by one.

She did not dare to move her head, her head ached, noises troubled her, she was very anxious, and tired.

After several sessions, she felt good again. She told me that BodyTalk had saved her life!

MN, a young woman in her thirties had been feeling depressed for 5 years.

She and her husband were ready to start a family, but she did not conceive.They were intending to start fertility treatment.

After a few BodyTalk sessions her depression lifted and when I saw her again a few months later, she was pregnant with their first child, the natural way.

I am not sure what happened here, but the body knows. The relationship between stress, depression and hormone imbalances is well documented. By addressing the cause of the problems, we are removing obstacles and the body will rebalance to the optimum of that moment.

FG ( age 70)

I have always known that there is a relationship between my emotional state and my physical problems.

I have also experienced that it is not easy to understand the signals of my body. What does it tell me, the contact between body and soul….?

I was fascinated to hear MJ talk about BodyTalk.

I came for a body-alignment session. It always made me feel good and relaxed.

MJ checked my body and re-aligned whatever was necessary.

But she also worked on relationships within the family, there was fear and sadness and more. I was not sure what it’s meaning was. I kept thinking about it when I went home. Amazingly though I noticed that the relationship she worked on was now open and uncomplicated. The fear factor had disappeared and has not come back.

I came for my back and I went home with a much lighter heart… Thank you MJ, this experience will always stay with me.

On a school trip, one of the students had an asthma attack. We were climbing Mt. Longonot on a hot and dusty day.

My colleague started doing the Cortices technique on the student. Within a short time, he yawned and he began to breathe normally. I was amazed to see this. I would like to learn this technique to be able to support myself, and the students whenever needed.

PM (age 34)

When I had my first BodyTalk session, the practitioner explained how it worked. I was not sure if I believed all this “Mumbo Jumbo”. After the session though I felt rejuvenated. After a few more sessions my migraines had disappeared. My sciatic pain was gone and I lowered my thyroid medication (on approval of the doctor).

I am a much happier person. BodyTalk managed to do what physiotherapy and psychotherapy could not. The BodyTalk has positively changed my physical and emotional state of being.

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